I am Es-haq Khosravi, a modeler from Iran!
I started “Modeller”, making PE and other modeling accessories in limited numbers in 2012. But as a beginner modeler, I soon realized that there is a huge vacuum of decals for Iranian air force aircraft, the most powerful air force in the region for years and obviously my favorite air force of them all. Although there were a few decals for Iranian fighters available in the market, but I knew that the history of Iranian aviation was much richer. Modelers in Iran mostly used self-made low quality decals up to that time, so in 2017 I contacted with “Begemot Decals” in Russia and since then we have printed more than 20 Iranian aviation decal sets. Before that however, we printed some other decal sets in contract with “Print Scale” in Ukraine.
The most powerful motive encouraging us keep going on to print decals for Iranian aircraft, beside their adventurous history and our personal interest, is the great interest of you, modelers around the world in Iranian aviation history, from its very first piston engine biplanes to the most advanced fighter of its era, F-14 Tomcat, from the colorful F-84’s and F-86’s of “IIAF Golden Crown” acrobatic team to the beautifully camouflaged Iranian F-5’s and F-4’s. Your interest and support encourages us to keep going on and we hope someday soon, we cover up decals for every flying object in the interesting history of Iranian aviation.

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